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Body Oils and Scrubs with Avocado Oil

Providing a spa-like experience for your daily skin care regimen
Naturally simple ingredients for naturally effective results.

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100% cold-pressed avocado oil

Avocado oil has long been used to treat everyday skin conditions such as dryness, irritation, and visible signs of aging. We cold-press our oil to ensure that vitamins and minerals are retained, giving your skin the maximum benefit.

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Reduce wrinkle depth by 43%

Avivi's Youthful serum is an innovative combination of active ingredients with peptides & retinol 50c, combined with cold-pressed avocado oil. Experience unrivaled results in effectively treating the appearance of wrinkles while improving skin hydration up to 85%!
*Clinical results from test performed on 28 subjects over 8 week period.

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Combat dryness

Fray away dead skin and nourish the new with Invigorate body scrub and oil.

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Avivi Body Oils

New Offers

Introducing The Collection, by Avivi. We are now proud to offer all of our wonderful scents together for an amazing value. Enjoy five unique natural skincare oil blends for the perfect balance of mind and body. Along with amazing hydrating qualities, each skin care product comes with its own unique sensory journey. Check out this amazing offer!!

Avocado Oil

Fun Fact #1

Did you know Avocados are a fruit? Because of their pits, avocados are considered fruits, even more specifically berries. How’s that for blowing your mind, veggie lovers?

Founder of Avivi

Founder's Corner

Cheryl’s secret to smooth skin is one sauna everyday, followed by a full dry body brush. She then tops it off with Avivi’s avocado oil skincare products to nourish her skin and lock in essential moisture. After her long day she cleanses her face and uses Avivi’s Youthful Facial Serum before bed to seal away her busy day and wake up feeling renewed.

Real Users, Real Facts

Charlotte Zabrodsky

New Canaan, CT

Age: 27

“As a massage therapist I’ve tried several other brands of body oils, all falling short of Avivi. Using it both myself and on clients consistently in the past, I would highly recommend Avivi to anyone. Avivi's essential oils leave skin looking young and healthy.”

Maggie Marchese

Darien, CT

Age: 52

“I have been using Avivi avocado skincare products for some time now and I love them! It is especially helpful in the winter months when skin on my legs and feet become really dry and unattractive. Avivi avocado oil skincare products do a terrific job of leaving the skin soft and supple without leaving an oily residue. It dries within seconds and I have never stained pants or socks with it. It’s also a visual delight, packaged in a beautiful bottle.”

Elisa Krankey


Age: 25

“I love all the Avivi avocado skin care products. They make my skin feel moisturized for hours! I especially like that they are natural, so I feel so confident putting them on my skin. The body scrubs do a great job of exfoliating, and the skin care essential oils are a great moisturizer both in the shower and with a few drops in the bath water. I love how refreshed my body feels after using them. Great avocado skin care products.”

Juliane Wenkler

Wolfboro, New Hampshire

Age: 24

“I would definitely recommend Avivi’s scented body oils and scrubs. Not only do their essential oils for skin care give me the “all natural clean” feeling, I also notice that the beautiful scents last for hours after applying. Effective yet simple, Avivi scented body oils and scrubs have been an excellent addition to my daily shower and skincare routine.”

Liz McLaughlin

Age: 20

“I very much enjoy Avivi’s body oils. Their simplistic and natural approach to a moisturizer really pays off. Instead of walking away with a sticky, heavy feeling—as most moisturizers will give you—Avivi’s body oils are fragrant and light and sink into the skin very quickly. Tone and Invigorate are my favorites. They’re both great coming out of the shower in the morning. Really nice wake-up calls!”

Katherine Heyl

Age: 28

“Avivi is an amazing product. As someone who usually avoids body oil, I am sold. The first thing I noticed about Avivi body oil is that it did not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. The oil immediately absorbed into my skin and left me feeling moisturized and refreshed from head to toe. The body oil’s fragrance is incredible. While other products scents will wear off in an hour, Avivi lasted all day. I cannot say enough about this product! I highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for the perfect body oil.”

Annie Starke

Age: 27

“I'm absolutely in love my Avivi body oils. I always keep one handy in my purse and makeup bags, and it's become a staple in my daily routine. As an artist (and sometimes gardener), I regularly overwork my hands and feet, which results in constant dry skin and irritation. Since using my natural Avivi body oil, my skin is visibly moisturized and healthy, without feeling too greasy or "smeary." In short, I'm totally addicted... and they smell fantastic too!”