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Essential Oils for Skin Care

It began in a kitchen with a strong sense of determination and a heart full of ambition. The goal was bringing together powerful benefits of essential oils blends that were both effective, yet not too overpowering. Enter cold-pressed avocado oil, an immensely powerful ingredient in its own right; we also found it to be the perfect carrier oil for our blends.

About our founder

Cheryl MacCluskey, founder of Younger You, LLC, entered the entrepreneurial world over thirty years ago. In that time she has created and sold many successful businesses, but the one thing she's always had a passion for was the beauty world. An avid yoga lover and health connoisseur, Cheryl always took pride in maintaining her wellbeing through a healthy lifestyle. After years of applying beauty products to her skin with ridiculously complex ingredient lists, Cheryl decided it was time to transform the beauty world. She began experimenting in her kitchen, where she proudly created the original five blends--happiness, tone, invigorate, rejuvenate, and soothe.

The original five essential oil blends became an instant hit in her community, so Cheryl decided to take things further and focus on the face. Keeping in mind her healthy lifestyle values while collaborating with a chemist, she created Avivi's Youthful facial serum, which comprises of natural ingredients and peptides to diminish fine lines and tone the skin. Younger You, LLC plans to launch their new cream line in the near future, which will stick to its natural roots while transforming one face at a time. Smoothness, richness, non-greasy residue, important in combatting the potential negative side effects of "oil."

Cheryl - Avivi


"Our skincare products are natural, vitamin rich, and paraben-free. The natural antioxidants in our oils fight against dry, dull, and inflamed skin. Our skincare products leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and silky smooth."