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What will Avivi beauty products do for my skin?

Avivi's mission is to soothe, soften, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin. Through research, it has been determined that essential oils penetrate and absorb into skin, while creams tend to stay on the surface. Avivi ensures that you will be applying natural skincare ingredients that quickly absorb, leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished.

How is Avivi different than other skincare products on the market?

Avivi is one of a kind! Avivi’s facial moisturizers and body scrubs are unique because they are avocado oil based and without synthetics or chemicals. You can ensure that you will be naturally hydrating your body with ingredients you can pronounce.

Why should I use Avivi?

The avocado oil used in all of our products is 100% cold pressed, ensuring that all of the natural vitamins and benefits are retained. Furthermore, our oil's natural absorbency promotes deep healthy hydration to all layers of your skin.

Isn't oil usually greasy? Why would I want to put it on my skin?

Although oil tends to feel greasy at times, it actually absorbs faster into your skin than creams or lotions. Avivi will penetrate deep into your pores, leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated long after application.

Is Avivi good for dry skin?

Avivi is great for dry skin because Avivi’s main ingredient is Avocado oil, which is rich in Vitamin's A, E, B6, K, and Beta Carotene. Due to it’s natural absorption properties it will then penetrate deep into your skin for long lasting nourishment.

Why should you use Avivi's body scrub and what benefits does it have?

As you massage Avivi Body Scrub over your body, the exfoliating granules help to slough off dead skin, the rubbing action itself boosts circulation and increases blood flow to the skins surface, aiding in a healthy, soft and glowing skin.

Will Avivi's dry brush make my skin glow?

Yes, regular pre-bath brushing will make your skin glow because it assists the body in a number of functions. Exfoliating dry and rough skin opens the pores, allowing for better moisture absorption into the skin. It also helps in strengthening the skin pores by assisting with increased blood flow, and regenerating the production of collagen and elastic fibers. Remember to begin softly at first to avoid soreness. In time your skin will strengthen as it gets used to dry brushing.

Does Avivi Youthful have any clinical claims?

Yes! Although wrinkles can never go away, they can be diminished! Our Youthful facial serum helps diminish wrinkles and hydrate the skin at the same time with our proprietary blend of skin rejuvenating ingredients.

Why use Avivi Beauty Products?

Avivi strives to promote the importance of natural beauty regimens and does so by providing a simple natural alternative to other skincare products, which can be high in synthetic chemical contents. It is important to prevent the skin from aging, but in a natural and safe way.